Prepositions Of Time

Write the most suitable preposition (a, b or c) in the blank:

1 Let’s meet __________ the evening and then go for a drink.
  a) at b) in c) behind
2 Does your boss visit the office __________ the morning or afternoon?
  a) in b) at c) on
3 I like to get up __________ sunrise and go for a run.
  a) at b) on c) in
4 It’s very quiet in this street __________ the day.
  a) during b) at c) beside
5 Does the sun rise __________ dawn or at dusk?
  a) at b) in c) on
6 What do you normally do __________ the evening?
  a) in b) at c) on
7 Mary starts work __________ 9.30am and finishes after 6pm.
  a) in b) during c) at
8 The sun is usually highest __________ noon.
  a) during b) in c) at
9 The traffic is very bad __________ the morning and afternoon.
  a) at b) on c) during
10 Most people sleep __________ night but I have to work.
  a) during b) at c) in



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