Wish/If only

Complete with Wish / If only

To express a wish or a regret use the structures below:

wish/ if only + past => something you want now

wish/ if only + past perfect => expressing a regret

wish/ if only + would => complaining

1. Alice didn’t get a good grade. She wishes she ___________ (work) harder.

2.Tom likes football very much. He wishes he _____________ (become) a professional football player.

3.He was running very fast when he had a heart attack. If only he


_____________ (not/run) so fast.

4.She’s keen on computers. She wishes she _____________ (study) computer science next school year.


5.I am sorry I don’t know how to use the computer. If only I


_____________(know) how to use it.

6.I stayed late at work and missed the last bus. I wish I


_____________(stay) at work late.

7. I don’t speak Chinese and I regret that. I wish I _____________ (speak)

8. Tom doesn’t have a job. If only he __________________ (apply) for a job.

9. The children are shouting. I wish the kids _______________ (stop) making noise.

10.My car broke down on Sunday and I missed the party. I wish my car


__________ (not/break down)

11. I wish the rain ____________ (stop) so I could go out.

12. I don’t have anything to offer you. If only I ___________ (have) some cake to offer you.


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