Simple Past and Past Continuous Tense (exercise)

Complete the sentences. Use the simple past and the past continuous of the verbs in brackets.

  1. I am watching TV right now. I (watch) ________________ TV at this exact same time yesterday.
  2. While Sandy was watching a horror movie, the lights (go)___________out.
  3. While Maggie was cooking dinner, Amy (do) _________________ her homework.
  4. When Joe opened the box, he (find) __________________ a surprise.
  5. When the tree branch (fall)____________on the famer, he was working on the field.
  6. Chen fell asleep while he (read) ___________________a book.
  7. Last weekend, my family and I (drive) ______________ to New York.
  8. We (have) ____________ a great time there. We (be) ___________very happy.  However, we (not get) ___________ the chance to see the Statue of Liberty. The time was really short.

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