Present Simple (exercise)

  1. The picture of the soldier(bring/brings) back many memories.
  2. Anything(is/are)better than going to the play tonight.
  3. A number of reporters(was/were) at the conference yesterday.
  4. There (was/were) some people at the meeting last night.
  5. Each student (has/have) answered the first three questions.
  6. Either john or his wife (make/makes) breakfast each morning.
  7. The army (has/have) eliminated this section of the training test.
  8. The number of students who have with drawn from class this quarter (is/are) applling.
  9. Gymnastics  (is/are) a favourite sport.
  10. The trousers you bought for me (doesn’t/don’t) fit me.
  11. Where (do/does) your family live?
  12. Three days (isn’t/aren’t)long enough for a good holiday.

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