Too and Enough

Too and enough indicate degree. They are used with adjectives (and adverbs).
• Too means more than what is needed.
• Enough means sufficient.
He is too old to play football with the kids.
Dave is intelligent enough to do the write thing.
You’re not working fast enough * used with adverb
I don’t have enough time.
He has too many friends.
She has got too much patience
Use of too and enough
1. Enough precedes adjectives and adverbs:
He isn’t old enough to watch this program.
We’re not walking quickly enough.
2. Enough may also precede nouns:
We have enough money.
I have not got enough money to buy this computer.
3. Too comes before adjectives and adverbs:
It’s too hot to wear that coat.
I was driving too fast.

Fill in the correct word (too or enough).
1. I left the coffee for a minute to cool because it was hot to drink.
2. He wasn’t strong to lift that heavy box.
3. There aren’t policemen in our town.
4. Do you have information to help me with this problem?
5. It is difficult to do for a little child.
6. I do not have much time to prepare dinner.
7. I didn’t buy the car because it was expensive.
8. He didn’t work hard to pass the exam.
9. My mum can’t sleep because she drinks much coffee.
10. She isn’t old to start driving.

Fill in the appropriate adjectives:

1. My sister is __________enough to drive a car. She’s 22.
2. I won’t go swimming today. It’s not ___________________.
3. I need a pair of bigger shoes, these are too ___________________.
4. Help your sister lay the table. She’s not _________________ enough to reach the dishes in the cupboard.
5. It’s too __________________to go to the cinema. Let’s have a cup of coffee first.
6. Winter in Brazil is not ____________enough to produce snow.
7. In the Atacama desert it’s too _____________for roses to grow.
8. That skirt is too ______________. You should wear a longer one.
But Grandma! I like this one. The others are not ___________enough.

Complete the sentences with too or enough and appropriate adjective in the brackets.
1. This computer is (slow) _______________to do this calculation.
2. Elaine is (old) _____________to enter here.
3. This suitcase is (heavy) _____________to carry.
4. It isn’t (sunny) _____________ to sunbathe.
5. Are you (tall) ______________to reach that shelf?
6. You’re (young) _____________to drive.
7. You aren’t (old) ____________to drive.
8. That sweater is big, it’s (big) _____________for you.
9. The garden isn’t (big) ____________to play football.
10. This coffee is (strong) ____________for me.


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