Tourism vocabulary

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Here is some vocabulary that is commonly used when talking about the tourism industry. Do you recognize these words? Study their meanings and then see them in use in the sentences below!

 sightsee – (v) to go and see interesting places and tourist attractions.
 itinerary – (n) the plan of your travel, the places you will visit on a trip.
 brochure – (n) a small leaflet or booklet usually advertising or giving some information.
 accommodation – (n) a place where people can live or sleep.
 destination – (n) the place someone is travelling to.
 departure – (n) the act of leaving or going away.
 route – (n) the way or the roads you travel to get to your destination.
 ecotourism – (n) environmentally friendly tourism, usually to a place of nature.
 festival – (n) a time of celebration or ceremony.
 backpacking – (v) to go travelling with a backpack.

Are you confident you have learnt this vocabulary? Then it’s time to try the quiz!
Select the correct missing words: 1.I hope you know the __________ . I don’t want to get lost again!
• sightsee
• route
• departure 2.Please check our __________ for details of our entrance fees and opening times.
• brochure
• accommodation
• festival
3.Here is a copy of the __________ for your 7 day coach trip to Vietnam. Please check the times and departure locations carefully!
• sightsee
• destination
• itinerary
4. Next week our tour will be visiting Moscow. Your __________ will be provided for you, you don’t have to worry about booking a hotel.
a. route
b. accommodation
c. brochure

5. __________ is very popular in parts of Asia. Many tourists love to travel in an environmentally friendly way.
a. Ecotourism
b. Festival
c. Destination
6. The American students went __________ through Thailand, Laos and Cambodia with just a little money and a few clothes.

a. itinerary
b. backpacking
c. ecotourism
7. The flight is set for __________ at midday. Please come to check in at least one hour before midday.

a. route
b. destination
c. departure
8. We will reach our __________ in a couple of hours. Then the holiday will begin!
a. departure
b. route
c. destination
9. If you have time to __________ when visiting India you must go to the Taj Mahal.
a. route
b. sightsee
c. backpacking
10. The Carnival of Brazil is an annual __________ held 46 days before Easter.
a. route
b. brochure
c. festival


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