Vocabulary test

For each sentence choose the best alternative and mark the letter next to the correct answer

1. The food in this restaurant is great. They probably have an excellent____________.
a)waiter b) cook c) cooker d) helper

2. We have got ten___________ on our hands, and ten__________ on our feet.
a) fingers / toes b) toes / fingers c)fingers / thumbs

3. What makes you feel really ______________?
a)boring b) bore c) bored d) bores

4. I am very_____________ with my job, so I’m looking for a new one.
a)satisfied b) happy c) unhappy d) good

5. The dog barked to give the police a _____________.
a) warning b) wave c) sound d) problem

6. My friend drank a lot and made a fool of himself at the party. Now he feels________.
a)embarrassing b) surprised c) insulted d) embarrassed

7. The doctor prescribed ____________for my rash.
a)water b) lots of rest c) an ointment d) exercises

8. When you have got the neighbors on one side, you live in a _____________ house.
a) big b) semi-detached c) terraced d) high

9. There are many valuable _____________ on the bottom of the oceans.
a) shipwrecks b) ships c) boatwrecks d) bodies

10. Wind and sun are some of the sources of __________________ energy.
a)hot b) important c) renewable d) cheap

11. What is the deepest____________ in the world? – It’s the Baikal
a)lake b) river c) sea d) ocean

12. _________________ is the process of cutting down woods.
a) farming b) forestation c) deforestation d) cleaning

13. He _______________out of university because he had lost his scholarship.
a)dropped b) fell c) walked d) jumped
14. Manchester United __________ Manchester City in the last minute of the match.
a)win b)defeat c)beat d) lost

15. As I was doing up my shoe, my shoe _____________ broke.
a) sole b) string c) rope d) lace

16. Sue ______________ much more money in her job than I do.
a)gains b) gives c) earns d)wins

17. We don’t exchange goods unless you still have ______________.
a)the bill b) cheque c) receipt d)recipe

18. When his team lost the cup final, Tom felt very ______________.
a) nervous b) disappointed c)glad d) jealous

19. Why can’t you tell the truth?! I am _____________ your excuses!
a) bored of b) full of c) fed up with d) angry with

20. The children decided to _____________ as astronauts for the party.
a) dress up b) wear c) pretend d) fit

21. He had just had an accident. A long white _____________ was wound around his arm.
a) cloth b) plaster c) bandage d) sleeve

22. ___________ the jacket, he is wearing a black T-shirt with white design on it.
a) under b) over c) underneath d) below

23. You shouldn’t let his ______________ affect your excellent work.
a) enthusiasm b) donation c) criticism d) decency

24. Brian doesn’t have a good ____________ so he didn’t understand that book very well.
a) concentration b) accumulation c) accommodation d) inadequacy

25. The economy is doing poor now. Jobs are _____________.
a) adequate b) enough c) full d) scarce

26. If a person is well-off, he is ______________.
a) rich b) organized c) smart d) poor

27. We have a lot of ______________ students at this university.
a) Dutche b) Hollandian c) Holland d) Dutch

28. The next train ___________ arrive at platform 4 is the 10:00 to London.
a) due for b) due to c) for d) expected

29. Oil, coal and gas are examples of _______________.
a) pollution b) elements c) fossil fuels d) greenhouse gases

30. In _____________, people talk about very personal and private things in their lives.
a) documentaries b) cartoons c) the news d) talk shows


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