NEW CELL PHONE – Reading comprehension


  1. Reading

Art’s wife bought him an expensive cell phone for his fiftieth birthday. Now, he can take pictures, record videos, access the Internet, download maps, play music, and send and receive text messages. Unfortunately, Art doesn’t know how to use all the features on his new phone. He read the instructions, but he doesn’t understand them. He read the instructions a second time, but he still doesn’t understand them. Art’s wife told him to ask a friend at work to show him how to use his new phone. Art doesn’t want to ask for help. He doesn’t want his co-workers to think he is not good with technology.

2.True or False

  1. ________ Art got a new cell phone for his birthday.
  2. ________ Some cell phones can record videos.
  3. ________ Art has a wife and a job. 4. ________ Art is forty years old.
  4. ________ Co-workers are people who work for the same company.

3. Yes or No – Share Your Opinion

  1. ________ Art should ask a co-worker to help him with his new cell phone.
  2. ________ Technology is improving our lives.

4. Writing – Is it necessary to have a cell phone? Why?


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