PLANTING FLOWERS – Reading comprehension


  1. Reading

Mrs. Mott and her granddaughter, Sally, are planting flowers in the garden. Mrs. Mott is using a trowel to dig small holes in the dirt. The holes are three inches deep and six inches apart. After Mrs. Mott digs a hole, Sally puts a flower in it. The flowers are in small plastic containers. Each container has dirt surrounding the roots of the plant. After Mrs. Mott and Sally plant the flowers, they will water them with a garden hose. In a few weeks the flowers will grow taller. When they are about eight inches tall, Mrs. Mott will cut them and put them in a vase. She will put the vase of flowers on her kitchen table.

2. True or False

  1. ________ Mrs. Mott’s grandson is named Sally.
  2. ________ Sally and her grandmother are planting flowers. 3. ________ The flowers came in small plastic containers.
  3. ________ Mrs. Mott is wearing gloves.
  4. ________ The holes for the flowers are six inches deep.                                                              3. Yes or No – Share Your Opinion
  1. ________ I like to get flowers for my birthday.
  2. ________ People who talk to plants are crazy.

4. Writing – Do you prefer artificial plants or real plants? Why?





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