PREPARING FOR A TEST – Reading comprehension


  1. Reading

Whitney and Dion are preparing for a Spanish test. Their teacher, Mr. Hidalgo, is giving the test on Tuesday. The test will be on the vocabulary words in chapter two of their Spanish textbook. There will be fifty questions on the test. Each correct answer is worth two points. Students who get all the answers correct will get one-hundred points. Both Whitney and Dion want to get an A on the test. They wrote the vocabulary words on index cards. They wrote the words in Spanish on one side of the index cards and in English on the other side. Now, they are saying the words aloud.

2.True or False

  1. ________ Whitney and Dion are students.
  2. ________ Mr. Hidalgo is giving a Spanish test on Tuesday. 3. ________ Each test question is worth fifty points.
  3. ________ Dion wants to get an A on the test.
  4. ________ Whitney and Dion wrote the vocabulary words on index cards.

3. Yes or No – Share Your Opinion

  1. ________ It’s good to study with a friend.
  2. ________ It’s easy for adults to learn a new language.                                                                        4. Writing – How do you prepare for a test?





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