1. George (fall)                       off the ladder while he (paint)                 the ceiling.
2. Last night I (read)                          in the bed when I suddenly (hear)                   a scream.

3.                  you  (watch)                          TV when I (call)                       you?

4. Ann  (wait)                           for me when I  (arrive)                                  .

5. I  (not drive)                                 very fast when the accident (happen)                                .

6. I  (break)                      a plate last night. I  (wash)                       the dishes when it  (slip)                            out of my hand.

7. Tom  (take)                  some photos while I  (play)                            in the garden.

8. We  (not go)                       out because it  (rain)                               .

9. What  (you do)                          last week?

10. I  (see)                     Carol at the party. She  (wear)                       a new dress.

11. The cell phone  (ring)                                when I  (take)                            a shower.

12. It  (begin)                        to rain when I  (walk)                          home.

13. We  (see)                 an accident when we  (wait)                          for the bus.

14. The children  (sleep)                              all night.


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