Fun Facts About the European Day of Languages

Over 200 languages

There are over 200 indigenous languages in Europe – that sounds like a lot but it’s actually only about 3% of the world’s total of 6000-7000.

More than half of Europe is bilingual

According to an EU survey, 54% of EU citizens speak another language, 25% speak two foreign languages (high five!).

It’s all about German…

German is the most widely-spoken mother tongue (18 percent), followed by English and Italian (both 13 percent), and French (12 percent).

…and the language skills of Londoners

European cities are the perfect place to observe this multilingual diversity in its natural habitat: In London, for example, over 300 languages are spoken!

Russia is a linguistic powerhouse

The record holder of most languages spoken on its own territory is Russia: Depending on the criteria used, 130 – 200 different languages are spoken there.

But English still rules

English is the front-runner among EU countries; it’s considered the most useful language, followed by French and German.

One of the greatest things about living in Europe is that so many other languages and cultures are only a few hours away. From immersion to practicing your language skills with locals and discovering a new culture – it’s just so easy and convenient. Another language is (literally) around the corner, and that alone is a reason to celebrate today.

So let’s raise our glasses for European Language Day and drink to the beautiful diversity that unites us: Živeli! Nazdrave! Na zdraví! Skål! Proost! Cheers! Tervist! Kippis! Santé ! Prosit! Stin iyá su! Kedves egészségére! Sláinte! Salute! Uz veselību! Į sveikatą! Evviva! Na zdrowie! Viva! Noroc! Na zdravie! Živijo! ¡Salud! 


Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14. It is a festival of romantic love and many people give cards, letters, flowers or presents to each other. Common symbols of Valentine’s Day are hearts, red roses and Cupid.


Valentine’s Dice

Valentine’s Day game – Lipovac Tatjana

Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day Letters

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Heart Pairs worksheet

Valentine’ s Day Mouse craft

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Valentine’s Day acrostic poem


Valentine’s Day Writing Paper

Valentine’s Day wordscramble

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Valentine’s bunny bag craft

Valentine’s party hat (red)

Valentine’s party hat (white)


Crayon Box Holder

Heart Idioms

bleeding heart 4

  • to have a heart of gold – to care about other people
  • to have a big heart – to be giving, caring
  • to be cold-hearted -lacking in sympathy
  • to wear your heart on your sleeve– to let everyone know how you feel about someone
  • to cross your heart and hope to die -to promise
  • to cry your heart out – to cry a lot and feel really badly about something
  • to eat your heart out – to be jealous of someone
  • from the bottom of your heart – to really mean something
  • to have a change of heart -to change your mind
  • to have a heart – to be compassionate, to care about other people
  • to have your heart in your mouth– to be scared or nervous
  • to have your heart set on something – to really want something
  • to set your heart at rest – stop worrying about something
  • to be soft hearted – to be sympathetic
  • to take something to heart– to have your feelings hurt by something someone else says or does

That’s Christmas To Me by Pentatonix

Fill in the missing words:

The _________________ is burning bright, shining along me
I see the presents underneath the good old _____________ ________
And I wait all night ’til Santa comes to ____________ me from my dreams
Oh, why? ‘Cause that’s Christmas to me

I see the children play____________ , like angels in the snow
While mom and daddy share a kiss under the _______________
And we’ll ______________ all these simple things wherever we may be
Oh, why? ‘Cause that’s Christmas to me

I’ve got this Christmas song in my heart
I’ve got the _____________ glowing in the dark
I’m hanging all the ____________ by the Christmas tree
Oh, why? ‘Cause that’s Christmas to me
Oh, why? ‘Cause that’s Christmas to me

I listen for the thud of _____________ walking on the roof
As I fall asleep to______________ , the morning’s coming soon
The only gift I’ll ever need is the _____________________
Oh, why? ‘Cause that’s Christmas to me

I’ve got this Christmas song in my heart (song in my heart)
I’ve got the candles _____________ in the dark
I’m _______________ all the stockings by the Christmas tree
Oh, why? ‘Cause that’s Christmas to me
Oh, why? ‘Cause that’s Christmas to me


Oh, the joy that fills our hearts and ____________ us see
Oh, why? Cause that’s Christmas to me

I’ve got this Christmas song in my heart
I’ve got the candles glowing in the dark
And then for years _____________ we’ll always know one thing
That’s the love that Christmas can bring
Oh, why? ‘Cause that’s Christmas to me