Test yourself: Question forms

Correct the mistakes in these questions.

What you did last weekend?
Where do he work?
What your favourite colour is?
Why do elephants has long noses?
Where live penguins?
Have he ever eaten frogs?
Do you like read?
When did they went to China?
Does he likes his teacher?
What time are you usually getting up?
What she is doing?
Where are you going study next year?

Test yourself: vocabulary/grammar

Choose the appropriate word to complete the sentence.

Gary never does any work. He’s so _______!
(hard-working, miserable, lazy, funny)
First, chop the vegetables. Then put everything in a big dish and put it in the _______.
(oven, cook, cupboard, kitchen)
Susan is very clever. She’s much more intelligent ______ her brother.
(then, of, to, than)
I like ______________!
(go swimming, going swim, going to swimming, going swimming)
She didn’t want________with us.
(come, to come, coming, came)

Test yourself: tenses

Put the verb into the correct form to complete the sentences:

What ___ you usually _____ for breakfast? (have)
Last weekend we _____ to the seaside. (go)
_____ you _______ your homework yet? (finish)
Next year I want ___ ___ to America! (go)
At the moment, I ___ _______ a book and _______ TV. I’m good at multitasking! (read, watch)
What ___ Henry _____? He__ ______ football. (do, play)
What are your plans for next year? First I ______ ___ ___ my exams, then I __ ______ __ _____ to Italy with my friends. (do, travel)
______ you ever ______ to Thailand? (be)
They ______ the new film last weekend. (see)
What ____ she _____ at 8 o’clock last night? She ____ ______ dinner. (do, have)

Vocabulary test

For each sentence choose the best alternative and mark the letter next to the correct answer

1. The food in this restaurant is great. They probably have an excellent____________.
a)waiter b) cook c) cooker d) helper

2. We have got ten___________ on our hands, and ten__________ on our feet.
a) fingers / toes b) toes / fingers c)fingers / thumbs

3. What makes you feel really ______________?
a)boring b) bore c) bored d) bores

4. I am very_____________ with my job, so I’m looking for a new one.
a)satisfied b) happy c) unhappy d) good

5. The dog barked to give the police a _____________.
a) warning b) wave c) sound d) problem

6. My friend drank a lot and made a fool of himself at the party. Now he feels________.
a)embarrassing b) surprised c) insulted d) embarrassed

7. The doctor prescribed ____________for my rash.
a)water b) lots of rest c) an ointment d) exercises

8. When you have got the neighbors on one side, you live in a _____________ house.
a) big b) semi-detached c) terraced d) high

9. There are many valuable _____________ on the bottom of the oceans.
a) shipwrecks b) ships c) boatwrecks d) bodies

10. Wind and sun are some of the sources of __________________ energy.
a)hot b) important c) renewable d) cheap

11. What is the deepest____________ in the world? – It’s the Baikal
a)lake b) river c) sea d) ocean

12. _________________ is the process of cutting down woods.
a) farming b) forestation c) deforestation d) cleaning

13. He _______________out of university because he had lost his scholarship.
a)dropped b) fell c) walked d) jumped
14. Manchester United __________ Manchester City in the last minute of the match.
a)win b)defeat c)beat d) lost

15. As I was doing up my shoe, my shoe _____________ broke.
a) sole b) string c) rope d) lace

16. Sue ______________ much more money in her job than I do.
a)gains b) gives c) earns d)wins

17. We don’t exchange goods unless you still have ______________.
a)the bill b) cheque c) receipt d)recipe

18. When his team lost the cup final, Tom felt very ______________.
a) nervous b) disappointed c)glad d) jealous

19. Why can’t you tell the truth?! I am _____________ your excuses!
a) bored of b) full of c) fed up with d) angry with

20. The children decided to _____________ as astronauts for the party.
a) dress up b) wear c) pretend d) fit

21. He had just had an accident. A long white _____________ was wound around his arm.
a) cloth b) plaster c) bandage d) sleeve

22. ___________ the jacket, he is wearing a black T-shirt with white design on it.
a) under b) over c) underneath d) below

23. You shouldn’t let his ______________ affect your excellent work.
a) enthusiasm b) donation c) criticism d) decency

24. Brian doesn’t have a good ____________ so he didn’t understand that book very well.
a) concentration b) accumulation c) accommodation d) inadequacy

25. The economy is doing poor now. Jobs are _____________.
a) adequate b) enough c) full d) scarce

26. If a person is well-off, he is ______________.
a) rich b) organized c) smart d) poor

27. We have a lot of ______________ students at this university.
a) Dutche b) Hollandian c) Holland d) Dutch

28. The next train ___________ arrive at platform 4 is the 10:00 to London.
a) due for b) due to c) for d) expected

29. Oil, coal and gas are examples of _______________.
a) pollution b) elements c) fossil fuels d) greenhouse gases

30. In _____________, people talk about very personal and private things in their lives.
a) documentaries b) cartoons c) the news d) talk shows

Grammar test

For each sentence choose the best alternative and mark the letter next to the correct answer

1. How long ________________ for this company?
a) are you working b) have you worked c) have you been working d) you have

2. Our friends’ house was very dirty. They _____________ it for weeks.
a) hadn’t cleaned b) cleaned c) haven’t cleaned d) didn’t clean

3. This time on Sunday I ______________ my favorite football team.
a) will be watching b) will watch c) am going to watch d) watch

4. Call an ambulance! I ______________ my finger and it’s bleeding!
a) have cut b) cut c) am cutting d) will cut

5. My old friend phoned me yesterday. She _____________ for ages.
a) didn’t call b) hasn’t called c) called d) hadn’t called

6. Tom likes books very much. These days he ____________ a book about bats.
a) reads b) is reading c) will read d) read

7. My sister likes dancing. She _____________ to dance classes every weekend.
a) go b) goes c) is going d) must go

8. I haven’t got __________money, but I have got ____________friends.
a) much / many b) a few / many c) some / many

9. They are very happy. They love ______________ very much.
a) themselves b) oneself c) them d) each other

10. Everything was so quiet when we arrived. The children ____________ to bed.
a) went b) have gone c) had gone d) were going

11. The divers found the old shipwreck. It ______________ a hundred years ago.
a) may have sunk b) sank c) has sunk d) couldn’t sink

12. The Champions League _______________ every year by the UEFA.
a) organize b) organized c) is organized d) has been organized

13. ___________you be very upset if I _____________ your car?
a) will / took b) would / took c) would / take d) Won’t / took

14. “What do you want for breakfast?”
My mum asked me what _________________ for breakfast.
a) I want b) I wanted c) I have wanted d) I wants

15. Last year we went to Sweden. We ______________ been there before.
a) had never b) have never c) weren’t d) has never

16. “Alex has given up his job.” He said that Alex _______________ his job
a) gave up b) has given up c) had given up d) gives up

17. “I can’t come to your party.” She said that she _____________ to my party.
a) comes b) won’t come c) can’t come d) couldn’t come

18. “We are going away for a few days.”
He said that they ______________ away for a few days.
a) were going b) are going c) go d) will go

19. When I arrived home I _____________ down on the sofa and ___________ the TV.
a) sit /turned on b) sat / turn on c) sat / turned on d) sit / turn on

20. The Danube is__________ the Sava. It is one of _____________ rivers in Europe.
a) longer than / the longest b) longer then / longest c) longest than / the longest
d) the longest than / longer

21. Sam is travelling around the world. He ________________ for three months.
a) is traveling b) has been travelling c) has travelled d) travels

22. My uncle _____________ travel a lot but now he doesn’t go out very much.
a) uses to b) didn’t use to c) used to d) don’t use to

23. We didn’t go out very much when we were on holiday. We ______________ out every night.
a) could have gone b) can go c) could gone d) can have gone

24. I can’t find my wallet. I ________________ left it in the shop.
a) might have b) would have c) must d) can’t

25. In the future, the competition ______________ every two years.
a) will hold b) will be hold c) will be held d) will held

26. If Tom had missed his bus, he ________________ late for work.
a) would have been b) would been c) have been d) should have been

27. Your grades are awful. I think you _____________to study more.
a) must b) should c) must d) ought

28. “I don’t know what this word means”. “No problem, ____________the word in the dictionary”.
a) look at b) look for c) look up d) look down

29. Many children have problems with their younger brothers. I ____________my brother very well.
a) get well with b) get down to c) get up with d) get on with

30. If you _______________ study, you _____________ get a new bike.
a) not/won’t b) don’t/will c) don’t/won’t d) didn’t/won’t

31. An expensive painting ______________ to the museum last year.
a) was donated b) is donated c) will be donated d) were donated

32. My grandpa is very old. His hair is as white __________ snow.
a) like b) from c) as d) than

33. In six weeks, we _______________ in our new apartment.
a) will live b) live c) will be living d) be living

34. I _____________ TV last night when I heard the noise downstairs.
a) watched b) watching c) was watching d) watch

35. I go to Italy every year but I ______________ to Germany yet.
a) didn’t go b) hadn’t been c) haven’t gone d) haven’t been

36. If I ____________ you, I would try to be better.
a) were b) would be c) be d) have been

37. In the past, men _____________ wear hats every day.
a) don’t use to b) used to c) would d) use to

38. Look at water on the streets! There_______________ lots of rain last night.
a) might have been b) must have been c) must be d) might be

39. What did you notice when you _______________the bridge?
a) crossing b) was crossing c) crossed d) were crossing

40. Would you mind if I ask you where _____________ from?
a) you come b) are you c) do you come d) did you come

41. Many people believe that we _____________ more greenhouse gases in the future.
a) produce b) are going to produce c) will produce d) must produce

42. “Do people know a lot about other planets?”
a) She asked if people knew a lot about other planets.
b) She asked if people know a lot about other planets.
c) She asked if people have known a lot about other planets.
d) She asked if people had known a lot about other planets.

43. They are still at the bus stop. They _____________ missed the bus.
a) might have b) would have c) must d) should have

44. The euro ______________ in many countries of Europe.
a) used b) be used c) is used d) is use

45. London stands on __________ River Thames.
a) – b) a c) the d) an

46. We are working in the garden these days. We _____________ our own vegetables in the summer.
a) will be eating b) eat c) are eating d) be eating

47. They have lived here _____________ two years.
a) in b) since c) at d) for

48. I usually play basketball on Sundays but today I _____________ for the test.
a) revise b) am revising c) revises d) revising

49. I don’t like February. For me, it is ____________ month of the year.
a) bad b) the baddest c) the worst d) the worse

50. My parents are very strict. They never let us ___________ TV late.
a) watching b) watch c) to watch d) watched

51. You are always late. Please _____________ on time tomorrow.
a) turn on b) turn down c) turn along d) turn up

52. I must leave now. I _____________ dinner with my parents tonight.
a) have b) am having c) having d) am have

53. I ______________ English in this school for five years.
a) have been teaching b) have teaching c) am teaching d) teach

54. I wish we ______________ to cinema tonight.
a) go b) would go c) went d) going

55. All students can come to the party, __________ they?
a) can’t b) can c) don’t d) do

56. How __________ you ____________ when you were a child?
a) do / played b) did/play c) were / play d) did/played

57. Our father told us _____________ make any noise.
a) not to b) don’t c) no d) to not

58. We ______________ a very difficult test at the moment.
a) do b) doing c) are doing d) is doing

59. There ________________ cheese in the fridge.
a) is some b) are some c) is any d) isn’t some

60. _____________ drinking so much coffee, you should drink more milk.
a) although b) despite of c) instead of d) unlike