Elementary placement test

Elementary placement test


Test yourself: Question forms

Correct the mistakes in these questions.

What you did last weekend?
Where do he work?
What your favourite colour is?
Why do elephants has long noses?
Where live penguins?
Have he ever eaten frogs?
Do you like read?
When did they went to China?
Does he likes his teacher?
What time are you usually getting up?
What she is doing?
Where are you going study next year?

Test yourself: vocabulary/grammar

Choose the appropriate word to complete the sentence.

Gary never does any work. He’s so _______!
(hard-working, miserable, lazy, funny)
First, chop the vegetables. Then put everything in a big dish and put it in the _______.
(oven, cook, cupboard, kitchen)
Susan is very clever. She’s much more intelligent ______ her brother.
(then, of, to, than)
I like ______________!
(go swimming, going swim, going to swimming, going swimming)
She didn’t want________with us.
(come, to come, coming, came)

Test yourself: tenses

Put the verb into the correct form to complete the sentences:

What ___ you usually _____ for breakfast? (have)
Last weekend we _____ to the seaside. (go)
_____ you _______ your homework yet? (finish)
Next year I want ___ ___ to America! (go)
At the moment, I ___ _______ a book and _______ TV. I’m good at multitasking! (read, watch)
What ___ Henry _____? He__ ______ football. (do, play)
What are your plans for next year? First I ______ ___ ___ my exams, then I __ ______ __ _____ to Italy with my friends. (do, travel)
______ you ever ______ to Thailand? (be)
They ______ the new film last weekend. (see)
What ____ she _____ at 8 o’clock last night? She ____ ______ dinner. (do, have)