Test yourself: vocabulary/grammar

Choose the appropriate word to complete the sentence.

Gary never does any work. He’s so _______!
(hard-working, miserable, lazy, funny)
First, chop the vegetables. Then put everything in a big dish and put it in the _______.
(oven, cook, cupboard, kitchen)
Susan is very clever. She’s much more intelligent ______ her brother.
(then, of, to, than)
I like ______________!
(go swimming, going swim, going to swimming, going swimming)
She didn’t want________with us.
(come, to come, coming, came)

Test yourself: tenses

Put the verb into the correct form to complete the sentences:

What ___ you usually _____ for breakfast? (have)
Last weekend we _____ to the seaside. (go)
_____ you _______ your homework yet? (finish)
Next year I want ___ ___ to America! (go)
At the moment, I ___ _______ a book and _______ TV. I’m good at multitasking! (read, watch)
What ___ Henry _____? He__ ______ football. (do, play)
What are your plans for next year? First I ______ ___ ___ my exams, then I __ ______ __ _____ to Italy with my friends. (do, travel)
______ you ever ______ to Thailand? (be)
They ______ the new film last weekend. (see)
What ____ she _____ at 8 o’clock last night? She ____ ______ dinner. (do, have)