Passive Voice – exercises

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I Put into the Passive:

1. She is making a cake for your birthday.
2. They deliver our newspaper before breakfast.
3. Somebody has stolen my bag.
4. They are making plans to send rockets to some other planets.
5. Thieves have robbed their house.
6. Somebody broke my glasses.
7. Josh will buy a new computer next month.
8. They will start the project next year.
9. Susan had locked the door before she left.
10. He opened the window.

II Chose the correct answer:

1. The burglar _____________ while he was trying to escape.

a) caught
b) was caught
c) had caught

2. Coffee _____________ in this restaurant.

a) is served
b) are served
c) is serve
3. They ______________ building a new bridge next year.

a) will start
b) are start
c) will started

4. Newspapers _____________ at 8am every morning.

a) is delivered
b) will delivered
c) are delivered

5. The bedroom ____________ tomorrow.

a) will paint
b) are painted
c) will be painted

6. This castle _______________ in 1894.

a) is built
b) was built
c) were built

7. By the time he arrived she ______________ the food.

a) had already bring
b) had already brought
c) had already bringing

8. They _____________ the cake before I came back.

a) had eaten
b) has eaten
c) have eaten

III Put into the Passive:

1. Are they building the new road?
2. Will you bring the cake to the party?
3. I didn’t lose your keys.
4. Has she locked the door?
5. He hadn’t written the letter on time.
6. Do they serve fish in this restaurant?

IV Dopisati ponuđene glagole u pasivnom obliku:

1. When I got to my cafe in the morning I realized I ____________ (rob). Luckily nothing ____________ (steal) and nobody ____________ (hurt). The only thing that ____________ (steal) was the money from the register.

2. I get up at seven every morning. By the time I get up, the breakfast _____ already ____________ (serve). The newspapers ____________ (deliver) at six.

3. London ____________ (visit) by millions of people this year. Billions of dollars ____________ (spend) by tourists. Some buildings are under reconstruction but all of the works ____________ (finish) by the end of May.



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