1. George (fall)                       off the ladder while he (paint)                 the ceiling.
2. Last night I (read)                          in the bed when I suddenly (hear)                   a scream.

3.                  you  (watch)                          TV when I (call)                       you?

4. Ann  (wait)                           for me when I  (arrive)                                  .

5. I  (not drive)                                 very fast when the accident (happen)                                .

6. I  (break)                      a plate last night. I  (wash)                       the dishes when it  (slip)                            out of my hand.

7. Tom  (take)                  some photos while I  (play)                            in the garden.

8. We  (not go)                       out because it  (rain)                               .

9. What  (you do)                          last week?

10. I  (see)                     Carol at the party. She  (wear)                       a new dress.

11. The cell phone  (ring)                                when I  (take)                            a shower.

12. It  (begin)                        to rain when I  (walk)                          home.

13. We  (see)                 an accident when we  (wait)                          for the bus.

14. The children  (sleep)                              all night.


Past Simple – exercises

Complete the text with the past form of the verb:


It _____ a warm, sunny day. She _____ a hat on to keep the sun out of her eyes. She ____ to visit her bank. She _____down to the corner. There were four buildings at the intersection. One ____ her bank. Opposite the bank was a fast food restaurant. The other two buildings _____a dry cleaner and an office building. Before she arrived at the corner, she could smell the fried chicken. The restaurant ____ open seven days a week, and the odor of fried chicken _____ in the neighborhood daily. She ____ a vegetarian.


She used to eat meat and fish. But that ____ before she ______ a dead cat in her dumpster one day. Of course, she ___ smelled the dead cat before she _______ the dumpster lid. Everyone knows the smell of dead flesh. She ____ that something in the dumpster was dead, but she didn’t know what.


Just in case it was a human (some people dump their babies into dumpsters), she _____ the lid. She ____ the cat. Flies ______ most of it. They were enjoying their meal. She _____ cats. She had two of her own.


A week later at a restaurant, she _________ a hamburger. While she was eating it, she suddenly ________ about the dead cat. She _____ out the hamburger. That was the day she _________ a vegetarian.

Ask questions (past simple)

1. I bought a newspaper this morning.
2. Something odd happened during the storm last night.
3. One of the students didn’t do the final exam.
4. I wrote a romantic letter to one of the teachers.
5. Something disturbed me when I was working.
6. I dreamt about a strange animal last night.
7. Somebody rang me at 3am last week!
8. I saw an interesting documentary on Sunday.
9. Someone gave me a watch for my birthday.
10. I saw one of my old work colleagues at the theatre.

Simple Past Tense & Questions

The simple past only appears in positive sentences. In questions and negative sentences, the auxiliary verb is in the simple past (did), while the main verb is the infinitive.

Question: Did you sleep well last night?
Positive Answer: Yes, I slept well last night.
Negative Answer: No, I didn’t sleep well last night.

Did you eat a good breakfast?

Yes, I

No, I

Did you go for a walk?

Yes, I

No, I

Did you feel worried?

Yes, I

No, I

Did you wake up late?

Yes, I

No, I

Did you get to school late?

Yes, I

No, I

Did you have a good day?

Yes, I

No, I

Did you do exercise?

Yes, I

No, I