Heart Idioms

bleeding heart 4

  • to have a heart of gold – to care about other people
  • to have a big heart – to be giving, caring
  • to be cold-hearted -lacking in sympathy
  • to wear your heart on your sleeve– to let everyone know how you feel about someone
  • to cross your heart and hope to die -to promise
  • to cry your heart out – to cry a lot and feel really badly about something
  • to eat your heart out – to be jealous of someone
  • from the bottom of your heart – to really mean something
  • to have a change of heart -to change your mind
  • to have a heart – to be compassionate, to care about other people
  • to have your heart in your mouth– to be scared or nervous
  • to have your heart set on something – to really want something
  • to set your heart at rest – stop worrying about something
  • to be soft hearted – to be sympathetic
  • to take something to heart– to have your feelings hurt by something someone else says or does

Idiom – Give me a break!


Give me a break!

This is a commonly used expression in English. When you say Give me a break! it means it’s difficult to believe something, you can’t believe that it is true. We take a break (take a rest) when we are working or doing something that makes us tired.

Let’s look at a few examples in conversation:

„Charlie got the promotion? Oh give me a break! I’ve been working here twice as long as he has.“

„I waited in line for 10 minutes and now you tell me you’re out of coffee? Is this a joke? Give me a break! How does a cafe run out of coffee at 8:00 A.M.?“