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In this blog, I wrote about beach volleyball. I wrote about   differences between beach volleyball and indoor volleyball, equipment  and some tips.

  1. Mayor differences between beach volleyball and indoor volleyball are:

-Playing surface-sand rather than hard court

-Bare feet are allowed for players

-Size of court is 8×8 meters

-The team is made up of two players

-Scoring system-3 sets played to 21 (15 for deciding set)

-A block at the net counts as one of the three allowed touches

-There aren’t rotations in the beach volleyball players may switch side at will

-Teams change sides of court every seven points


  1. Equipment:

All you need is volleyball ball, net and an agreeable court on a beach or somewhere else. This sport is usually  played on beaches so players usually play barefoot and dressed in swimsuits. Some  players wear sunglasses or cap.

  1. Tips:

 Warming up as well as racking are very important  before playing because you can hurt leg, arm or back. Healthy food is important too. You should eat fruit, vegetables and dairy products.


Written by Emilija Jokić


Friends occupy an important role in everyone’s life. It is hard to find a true friend but when you find him, you’ll have less to worry about in life. They are not all the same, and should not be. Every love and respect what it is. But a true friend should be honest. And when you gain confidence in it, then it becomes real. A friend can not be found on the street… Maybe can, but it takes time to find what will impress on him and why you’ll love it. There are those „true friends“ who act, and unfortunately, there are more of these others. They soon become your enemy. These are usually filled with jealousy and malice. I have 4/5 of sincere friends, it sounds a little bit, but to me, it is enough them so much than 100 false. And every one of my friends because of something special. And it’s great that they are different. Of course, next to them I have a lot of friends, which I can not say that they are not real, but I gained confidence in them it would have been. You true friend is a success, and I’ve managed several times. I also managed to avoid false friends. And that makes me really happy!

Written by Darija Veljković


Hi! My name is Nikolina. I’m writing about volleyball. For me, volleyball is the best sport. I like watching volleyball, as well as playing. Last month my friends and I watched the Olympic games and rooted for our volleyball players. I’m into sport a long time. I think that everybody can play volleyball. With a little effort, everything is possible. You should work hard, talent not important. Persistence should be everything. Maybe on startup it would be a little difficult but later not. Also, I think that volleyball is the best sport for girls. I love so much when we go to match. Usually, we go to other town and meet new friends.That’s so fantastic and interesting. In the end, I have to add BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and everything is possible.

Written by Nikolina Nikolić

Back to school tips

If you want the best marks you should learn always. You have to listen to your teacher during the class and read every new lesson after school of that day. Be a responsible student – do homework and work for advanced students. When you learn you should read aloud and be very focused and concentrated. To make you easier you can use markers for underlining. If you have too much to learn you HAVE TO be organized. Learning with friends is the best option for better concentration. I think you can be motivated for learning with a little music or thinking about future job and wishes. Your phone and computer are your  worst enemies if they can’t help you. And clean your mind before studying. And don’t be lazy to start. The earlier you start you gonna finish earlier. SO START. YOU CAN TO THAT.

Written by Katarina Matić

iPhone 7 review


Improved front and rear cameras — now with optical image stabilization — delivers much improved photos, especially in low light. Water resistant. A faster processor, plus better battery life. More onboard storage than last year’s models for the same price.


No headphone jack (but there’s a dongle and compatible wired headphones in the box). Click-free home button takes getting used to. Only the larger 7 Plus has the cool dual camera. Shiny jet-black version scratches easily.


The iPhone 7’s notable camera, battery and water resistance improvements are worthwhile upgrades to a familiar phone design, but ask yourself if you really need an upgrade…and if the Plus might be a better choice.

                                                                    Written by Miloš Tomić


I’m starting this blog because I want to teach you something more about my favourite sport-Volleyball. I have been playing volleyball for three years and I am pretty good at that. Volleyball is played with six players. Important thing is that ball must be in the air. I am  a setter. And it’s more that you should know. Now I must go to the training. Byeee.                                                   

Written by  Luka Delić


Hi, welcome to my blog . This blog is about fashion. Today I will tell you a few fashion combinations for autumn. I think that every girl should have to follow some sort of fashion.
My favorite combinations are:
1. Torn jeans and a sweater  and some shoes in hundreds of fluorescent colors.
2. Tight dress of a little darker color than the boots to the knee with a small heel and a poncho .
During the autumn you should wear Nudo shades . As for the makeup a darker lipstick and the rest is all the same . Thank you for reading. Your Anna likes you …

Written by Anastasija Krsmanović


In many individual sports disciplines in official competitions sum of points participants from the same team is added to give a team a winner, this is the club that had the best participants. Some sports can be carried out both individually and collectively. These include tennis, skating, table tennis, diving, and many others. Sport can be a competition or free character. The competitive character is when athletes perform in competitions in an effort to achieve top results. Usually, it is the competition organized by regular or occasional tournaments where there are more teams ( or individuals). Among the competitions around the world causing the greatest attention and interest are certainly the Olympics and World Cup, but they have great popularity and competition of Formula 1, as well as many others. Due to a television audience that is measured in millions, sport has become a lucrative business. Multinational corporations give large sums of money to their advertisements appeared on major sports events, and transfers best athletes from one club to another is measured in tens of millions of dollars.

Written by Milan Tešić


I will tell you about the sport which is called basketball.

The most famous league is called NBA. Balkan League is called ABA league. The best club in the ABA league is called Red Star.

In basketball, there are 4 positions. These are:point guard

-point guard




Written by Aleksa Savić


My favourite sport is basketball which is also the theme of this blog. I trained basketball for two years in Zvornik then I skipped one year and went to volleyball. Volleyball was not a great choice for me. I was not good enough in it. Then I went to basketball again but now in Mali Zvornik. The name of my new club is „Vitez MZ“.

My opinion is that basketball is excellent and I recommend it to everyone because they have nothing to lose, as a matter of fact, they can gain something, that is height.  Height and speed are very important in basketball. But if someone is not high this is not a problem, there is a position for him – playmaker. This name suggests that he is the most important and he  has to make a game in his team. My position is a wing. My favourite basketball player is Stephen Curry. He plays for  Golden States-Warriors. Basketball is my favourite sport and when I grow up I want to become a basketball player.

Written by Nikola Gligorić


Sports are divided into  group and individually sports.

Some of the group sports:

-football, volleyball, basketball, hockey …

Some of the individual sports:

-Swimming, gymnastics, athletics…

Some sports can be carried out both individually and collectively. These include tennis, skating, table tennis, diving, and many others.

Among the competitions around the world causing the greatest attention and interest are certainly the Olympics and World Cup, but also there is a great popularity of Formula 1, as well as many others.

Classification of the sport includes the division

– Recreational sport (characterized by a regular program of exercise and competition in order to preserve the health and physical fitness)

The first division is to:

– School sport (training and competition system are adapted to the age of athletes, in order to enable everyone to express their talent)

– Amateur sport (athletes individuals gain social recognition, generate some extra money, etc.)

– Sports invalids (disabled gathers and organizes competitions for the purpose of physical and mental rehabilitation)

– Professional sport (athletes, their coaches, managers and other staff are paid for active sports and on their main occupation)

Written by Staša Ivanović